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Antiseptic Cleanser Package #2 (Passion Fruit)

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2 x Alaska® Gel Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer (250 ml)

  • Fresh alcohol-based hand sanitizer effective in destroying (harmful) bacteria to provide antiseptic cleansing. Made of Ethyl Alcohol 70%.

1 x Passion Fruit Hand Cream (60 ml)

  • Ultra-moisturizing hand cream ideal for repairing dry hands and protecting them from external aggressions. Its certified COSMOS ORGANIC formula by Ecocert Greenlife is enriched with moisturizing oils and nourishing butter that help strengthen the nails and take care of the hands by giving them all their softness and flexibility back.

1 x Passion Fruit Hand Soap (250 ml)

  • Our ultra-soft hand soap with generous foam, thanks to its sulfate-free base, is certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife. It respects the skin’s natural balance and cleans hands smoothly without ever drying or irritating. Rich in oat amino acids and Aloe Vera.

Druide® Laboratories, a Québec based company and pioneer in Canada in the field of natural and organic skin care since 1979. With already 40 years of expertise, it continues to be devoted in offering products that are equally ecological and efficient.

Druide® products are certified by the independent accredited international organization ECOCERT®. This certification signifies the highest standards in the cosmetic industry. Recognized worldwide in more than 130 countries guarantees the quality of organic products bearing the label. To date, Druide® has 122 certified ECOCERT® products, making it one of the most certified organic cosmetics companies in Canada.

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