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1 shirt, 2 looks

04/08/2016 Jennifer Braun

I’m an avid shopper, but when it comes time to make a purchase I’m actually quite selective. I believe in quality and not quantity, and nothing hurts me more than spending money on clothes I don’t or barely wear.

Last week, we welcomed Karma Athletics to our e-shop and I immediately fell in love with this brand of stylish made in Canada athletic wear because their items are so versatile. Their selection of tees, tanks, pullovers and more offer great options to get you to the gym, out of the gym, and through the weekend (I’ll take one of each!).

Case in point, read on to see how I’m styling the Lynden Pullover for some of my common weekday activities. This is a purchase I know I won’t regret!

To the gym

Throw this loose pullover over your sports bra and workout pants and you’ll be in and out of the gym in no time. It’s a great alternative to a bulky sweatshirt and depending on your mood can be worn on or off the shoulder. Pair these items with lightweight accessories like this short silver necklace and this grey cord bracelet with interlocking rings. Now, you’re ready to hit the juice bar post-workout in style.

To the mall

For days where you want to hit up the mall and run errands in style and comfort, wear the Lynden Pullover with your favourite bleu jeans. Accessorize with this soft leather necklace. Finally, the real question comes: heals or sneakers? I’ll let you decide.