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10 Must-Try Perfumes

05/08/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

As I’ve explained in a previous post, I simply believe that life it too short to wear boring perfumes.

Still, finding the perfect perfume can be difficult (I only find a favourite every five years or so), but I believe the reward is worth the effort.

In fact, my friend just spent a few days in the hospital and I was not surprised when she told me she was happy to get home in order to smell her perfume bottle! A perfume is like a blanket.

My favourite question to ask a celebrity has always been: "What perfume are you wearing?" I asked Isabelle (Mrs.Picoum) and one of her favourite perfumes is Michael Michael Kors. It suits her perfectly! It's floral yet sexy.

Here are five of my favourite perfumes. They are not new (I’ll keep that for another post) and they will not please everyone, but it will give you an idea of perfumes to try on your next shopping trip, and allow you to refine your own taste for perfumes.

  1. Light Blue, Dolce & GabbanaI’ve received many compliments thanks to this perfume. Just watch this video and you will be convinced to.
  2. Thé des Vignes, CaudalieThis unisex perfume is sexy and light.
  3. Baby Touch, Burberry.bought this perfume for my children and I ended up falling in love with it. It reminds me of the sweetness of childhood. It’s citrusy which is also very trendy right now.
  4. Infusion d'Iris, PradaThis perfume is modern and fresh, and great for all occassions.
  5. Florabotanica, BalenciagaAs its name suggests, this perfume is floral and perfect for the summer! Consider yourself warned, men may start following you on the street.

My 5 favourite niche perfumes

I'm also addicted to niche perfume brands. Niche, you say? A niche perfume is a small production perfume (often more expensive but not always) that tries to offer a different olfactory experience.

If you are looking for a unique scent and a fragrance that your friends will not have, these are the perfumes you have to shop.

My favourite perfume counters to discover niche perfumes are Holt Renfrew and Sephora. What I like about these counters is that the perfume professionals really know what they are talking about. They offer great recommendations based on perfumes I have previously worn.

Here are some more of my favourite perfurmes that I have discovered. As mentionned, finding a fragrance you really love is as difficult as finding the perfect husband!

These perfume types are all different (see underlined words), so it’s likely you’ll find at least one that you will like!

  1. Phylosykos, DiptiqueWoody and aromatic. This fig-based perfume smells like  herbs and coconut. Sometimes years go by and I don’t wear this perfume, but then I come back to it. It’s unisex and very different.
  2. Figuier Eden, Armani PrivéAromatic and fruity. My husband and I wear this perfume and strangers stop us on the street to ask us what we are wearing. It’s also fig-based but this time the smell is more subtle and sweeter.
  3. Not a perfume, Juliette Has a GunFloral Woody Musk. Again, I was seduced by name - “Not a perfume?” - Cool! Depending on the chemistry of your skin, on some this frangrance won’t smell at all. If it does, its scent is fresh and sexy.
  4. Eau Tropicale, SisleyFloral. Sisley is very elegant. Have you seen the bottle cap? It looks like a carved piece of ice. I tried it for its name (Tropical Water). The lady described it to me as a tropical forest after the rain. I love, love, love it.
  5. Rose Alexandria, Armani PrivéFloral. This is another luxurious fragrance created by Armani. If you like the smell of roses, this will be the sweetest and most original rose you will ever smell. Everyone will ask what you are wearing. It’s up to you to decide if you want to keep it a secret or not.

If you’re a perfumista like me, visit and you will tremble with happiness. Also, you can reread my previous post on perfumes for more fragrance ideas.