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15 wardrobe vacation essentials to pack

10/07/2017 Jennifer Braun

I would like to declare myself an expert packer. One of my greatest vacation conquests consists of going on a 10-day road trip across California with just a carry on.

As a fashion lover, it was hard to get my belongings down to the essentials, but I can assure you that I had everything I needed for everything from the beach, the long car rides, the fancy restaurants and even the clubs.

So, how did I do it you might ask. Did I wear the same thing for 10 days? Buy everything there? Hop on the plane with layers and layers of shirts on me?

The answer is not at all!

Fortunately, summer clothes are very light so if you pack the right ones they'll easily fit in your carry on. The key is to pack smart and to carefully plan out what you’re going to wear. Think about how many fancy restaurant outings you will actually go on and don’t over crowd your luggage with items like jean shorts that you can easily recycle and wear 2 or 3 times if just to hit the beach.

Here’s a list of essential items to pack so you can have a complete wardrobe while travelling. These items can easily be dressed up or dressed down and will allow you to look your best no matter where you go while on vacation:

A jumpsuit

A romper

A denim skirt

Blue denim shorts

White denim shorts

A crop top

Another crop top

A maxi skirt

White jeans

Blue jeans

A bodycon dress

Block heels

A beach bag

Chic sneakers

A jean jacket

These 15 items will allow you to travel in style with a complete wardrobe, but don’t forget to pack beach essentials like a few bathing suits, beach cover ups, sunglasses and of course, sun screen!

Happy traveling!