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2016 year in review: Top fashion trends

28/12/2016 Jennifer Braun

Like many of you, as 2016 comes to an end, I like to look back and reflect on the year that was. Naturally, that also includes revisiting the top fashion trends of the year that I saw, wore and loved.

This year was a fun time for fashion. Old fashion trends were revived and given a modern update in 2016, and many of us welcomed them with arms wide open. Whether you loved or loathed these fashion trends, they definitely marked the year, and many are here to stay well into 2017.

Here are 5 of the biggest fashion trends of 2016:


If there’s one trend that marked 2016, it was definitely the choker. The 90’s cult classic trend made a huge comeback and many of our favourite stars took note. From Bella Hadid to Rihanna, celebrities and bloggers rocked the choker trend in various ways, and it’s safe to say that the masses followed suit. I couldn’t be happier that this trend made its way from the 90’s into the new era. In 2017, hold on to your chokers as many people will continue to rock this look in the new year.

One-piece bathing suits

In 2016, women put their bikinis away and opted for one-piece bathing options instead. Once again, we can blame the 90’s influence for this huge 2016 trend! The bustier one-piece bathing suit was a top seller this year as was the backless one-piece look. I love that this trend was a hit in 2016 and that bathing suit options have evolved to cater to different body types.

Off-the-shoulder tops

If you left the house at all this summer, it was impossible to miss the slew of off-the-shoulder tops that dominated women’s fashion in 2016. This look was so trendy that I didn’t even bother to participate, but I did love the mix of elegance and boho-chic elements that this trend inspired. Unfortunately, if you loved this trend too, the suddenly everywhere trend is bound to be suddenly nowhere come next summer. Still, you can hold on to yours in case there’s ever a 2020 revival.

Straight leg jeans

No one can convince me to give away my skinny jeans, but I was convinced to give the straight leg jean trend a try. After years of skinny jeans being the only trendy option, the straight leg jean was a welcomed change in 2016 and shoppers took note. This denim look is flattering on a variety of body types and is a trend that is bound to stay in 2017.


If you’re sick of seeing velvet popping up in the form of dresses and tops, that’s because it was a breakout trend in 2016. This classic fabric gained popularity this year after showing up on the runway, and later in major fast fashion retailers.