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3 reasons to ditch dating apps for the summer

26/07/2017 Kavita Ajwani

Lackluster dating apps like Tinder or Bumble are no secret. They can be great for facilitating introductions (many of which would not take place otherwise), but the space has become so saturated that finding someone who shares a genuine desire for a committed relationship is almost impossible.

Here are 3 reasons why we need to ditch dating apps this summer and turn our focus onto real human connection instead:

  1. Because romance matters!

    It’s all too easy to hide behind a screen and send the same pick-up line to a hundred people. Yes, people really do that. We’re not communicating anymore, nor trying to form a personal connection with the person on the other side of the screen. It’s a numbers game to a lot of people; they throw out the bait and hope to catch. But hey, remember that thing called romance? The feeling of butterflies and excitement that is meant to accompany a text message from someone we actually like? There is something to be said about having the courage to make eye contact, approach someone and form a real connection. Dating is about spark, desire and chemistry, which are all things that cannot be felt through a screen.

  2. Because too many choices can be a bad thing

    Apps have turned dating into a revolving door of choices, leaving everyone wondering if someone better is around the corner. We may as well call it catalog-dating because that’s what apps have created; a catalog of people and specs to quickly scan before moving on to the next. Singles are literally arranging their next meet-up while mid-date with someone else. It’s a travesty and we seem to not even realize that this abundance in choice is leaving us feeling lonelier than ever before. It’s time to start engaging with others in a real way and giving people a fair chance.

  3. Because it’s draining

    A great app is one that makes life easier and saves us time. It may appear that dating apps are doing so, but much of it is a facade. The task of endlessly searching, swiping and entertaining conversations that often don’t lead anywhere is time-consuming and inefficient, to say the least. Many singles actually refer to online dating as a second job! In a time where being busy has become second nature, whatever we are devoting our energy to on the dating scene should be aimed at meeting people in person as soon as possible. Only then can we know for sure if someone is worth pursuing or is right for us.