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4 cool ways to style a neck scarf

10/01/2017 Jennifer Braun

If you started the new year with a closet clean out, you are bound to have stumbled upon a scarf or perhaps even a drawer full of scarves! We all have a couple in our closet, in a solid colour like bleu or purple, or in a floral pattern that just screams Spring.

We’re never ready to part ways with them, but we barely ever wear them either. What’s up with that? I recently made a purple scarf at a natural dyeing workshop and I absolutely love the final product. Now, before I throw it into my drawer to be forgotten, I decided I would actually wear it, but the question remained; how? I did some research and turns out, there’s a variety of ways to tie a neck scarf that is chic, stylish and totally wearable.

If you’re looking for a new way to accessorize your outfits this year and are ready to put those scarves to good use, check out these four ways to style a neck scarf. These looks were created using a silk square scarf.

The Petite Side Knot

I love styling my scarf into a Petite Side Knot to add a little bit of class to even the most basic boyfriend t-shirt. To get this look fold your scarf corner to corner to form a small triangle. Next, fold the point of the triangle so that it is touching the straight edge and then fold the scarf on itself until you have a narrow rectangle. Now you’re ready to wrap the scarf around your neck to tie a chic knot on the front or the side. Play with the edges of the scarf to position them into a look you're happy with.

The Large Double Side Knot

For a scarf look that is a little more prominent, opt for the Large Side Knot tie. Similarly to the Petite Side Knot, you want to fold your scarf corner to corner to form a small triangle and then into a narrow rectangle. Now, wrap the scarf around your neck twice, starting from the front, until you have the two points of the rectangle in front of you. Tie the ends together for a Large Side Knot tie that is guaranteed to add some personality to any outfit.

The Long Tie

The Long Tie is a super easy scarf style to master, which also makes it the perfect accessory when in a hurry. You can wear this style over just about anything including a turtleneck or a v-neck sweater. Again, fold the scarf to form a small triangle and then on itself until you have a narrow rectangle. Then, simply drape the scarf around your neck and tie the two points together as close to your neck as you like and voila! You'll want to wear this scarf style all year long. 

The V-Neck Back Tie

I thought I would feel like a bandit in this V-Neck Back Tie style, but a silk scarf helps make this look still appear chic. To get the look, fold your square scarf in half so it’s a triangle. Next, tie the scarf around your neck with the v in front and tie behind your neck. You'll want to play around with the positioning of your scarf a bit until it looks just right. Wear this look with a basic white or black v-neck t-shirt for a pop of colour.


How will you style your scarf? Tag us on Instagram (@Picoumboutique) in a photo wearing your scarf for the chance to be featured on our page.