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5 Black Friday shopping tips for the best deals

23/11/2016 Jennifer Braun

I’m a bargain hunter and a savvy shopper 365 days a year. I rarely buy anything full price and instead, patiently wait for items to go on sale. Naturally, I also take advantage of discount shopping events like Black Friday.

I especially love shopping Black Friday deals because it’s a great time to buy those pieces you’ve been coveting all fall at a discount, without feeling guilty. As the unofficial kick off of the Christmas shopping season, it’s also a great time to take advantage of savings to buy gifts.

Still, though Black Friday savings are often tempting, you might still not be getting the best bang for your buck. In order to get the best deals on the items I want and help keep overspending at a minimum, I now follow some key Black Friday shopping tips. Read on to discover them.

  1. Do Your Research

    Before setting out on your Black Friday venture, be sure to do your homework. Retailers will be advertising Black Friday deals online and offline well before the big day. Do your research and see which deals will actually be worth your while.

  2. Get Social

    Online as well as offline retailers will be pushing exclusive deals to newsletter subscribers and followers via their social media. Be sure to connect with your favourite brands so you can know about deals well before Black Friday and get exclusive offers. Signing up to brand loyalty schemes is often free and will give you access to good savings.

  3. Compare Prices

    Black Friday has morphed into a whole month of deals and savings. To get the best deals, continuously check the price of items throughout the weekend and following week. Also, be sure to compare the price of in-store items online by using your smartphone while you shop. You might just find a better deal.

  4. Check return and exchange policies

    In the midst of great deals and savings can also come buyer regret. Check the return and exchange policy at retailers and make sure Black Friday deals aren’t final sale items if you didn’t actually set out to buy certain products. You will also want to check if the retailer can do a price-match if you see a better deal in the upcoming days.

  5. Skip the line and shop online

    Shopping in-store on Black Friday can be exhausting and is often just not worth it. You can now get many of those same in-store deals online. Also, Black Friday deals last well into the weekend and often even start before Friday. Beat the rush and shop ahead of time or even throughout the weekend online.