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5 foods that will naturally cleanse your liver

01/02/2016 Isabelle Racicot

If you are like me, you like to try new recipes or new restaurants during the weekend and most of you meals are accompanied by a few glasses of wine. That's why it's not a bad idea to give your liver a bit more love during the week. I asked my friend, Tiffany Cattouf, owner of Glow Cleanse, a Montreal-based company that offers fresh, organic smoothies, to put together a list of 5 foods  that will naturally cleanse your liver.  As you know, the liver has a purifying function. It recovers and transforms many toxins such as alcohol to render them harmless before disposing of them. Here are her recommendations:

Lemon promotes the production of purifying bile and regenerates the functions of the liver. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a glass of hot water and drink it the morning.

Celery is rich in phytonutrients and protects the liver, while flushing toxins and other contaminants from the body. Chop it up and have it fresh on a salad or have it as a snack with some nut butter.


Nuts help detoxify the liver and allow better blood oxygenation. A handful a day will do. Tip: Eat them after soaking overnight to facilitate digestion.

Avocado is an excellent source of antioxidant. Its purifying and detoxifying power really helps the liver to repair itself after excesses. How about some guacamole tonight?

Beets contain flavonoids which help the liver flush out toxins and deep-cleanse it, it also protects the bile ducts which are key in proper liver function. Eat or juice your beets raw to reap a maximum of their benefits.