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5 Iris Apfel fashion quotes to live by

01/07/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

I’ve written about Iris Apfel before, because I have a fascination with this 94-year-old woman. I am not the only one! They did a tribute to her life in this documentary after all.

Now that I am getting dangerously close to 50, I must admit that I panic when I see myself in the mirror without make-up in the morning. I see sagging skin and I look tired even when I get 10 hours of sleep! But then, I think of Iris and my smile comes back.

When I am in my nineties, I want to be just like her – a slightly more conservative version of her that is.

I find and read quotes from Iris everywhere lately. Have you noticed them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest too?

Here are four of my favourite quotes about fashion from Iris: