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5 kitchen accessories I did not have in my kitchen 15 years ago

26/05/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

I wish my kitchen looked and was equipped like this

Mine is very small (think of a lab) but my husband and I still get a lot of stuff done.

A friend of mine (who loves my cooking...those friends are always the best right! ) was visiting me for a few days. While she was helping me with the dishes she got the know the content of my kitchen inventory and was surprised by all my kitchen utensils. Since I use these tools every day, I was also surprised that she did not have them in her kitchen. When she went back home, she sent me an email saying that she had bought all of my recommendations. I felt proud to have brought a little change into her food preparation with these cool gadgets I could not live without. 

  1. A Microplane Zester

    You probably know that one of the secrets to an amazing dish is those last minute details you add for more flavour. The Microplane has a very fine blade to zest lemons, to mince garlic or to make parmesan snow.

    Also try it out: fresh ginger in hot water!

  2. A Salad Spinner

    We eat a lot of salads in our house. I suspect we were rabbits in another life (emoticon wink). I know some people who wash the leaves in the sink and then pat them dry with a clean kitchen towel. Nonsense ! Buy a salad spinner ! Wash the lettuce twice and then have fun spinning (my kids love it !)

  3. A Mandolin Food Slicer

    Salads are transformed with this cool tool. Here are my tricks to a fantastic salad:

    • You need a crunch (like fennel or nuts);

    • You need a bit of sweetness (cranberries, pieces of apple, maple syrup in the dressing);

    • You need contrasting textures (medium pieces of cucumber sliced sideways and celery cut paper thin with the mandolin);

    • And you need fresh herbs (it really makes a difference);

    Beware! Keep your fingers far from the blade. I have cut a piece of skin too many times. The trick is to stop cutting your veggie when you are about 5 cm from the blade. Then, continue cutting with a simple sharp knife.

    I warned you :)

  4. A tiny food processor

    Tiny, I said. Tiny. If it is not tiny, it will be heavy and it will be stored away far in your cupboards and you will not take it out. If it is not tiny, you will freak out just by washing it since it will take up your whole sink. I am talking from experience ! But if it is tiny, you will use it every week to cut onions, veggies (for your sphaghetti sauce), herbs and you will make pesto and chimichurri much more often. Talking about salads, you can use it to whip up your favourite dressings too.

  5. A transparent tea pot

    I was drinking loads of tea before David’s Tea came along! I was introduced to it at the age of 25 when I went to Ireland and have been hooked ever since. I then shared my passion with my whole family. Even my six-year old son asks me for fresh mint leaves herbal tea at the end of a meal!

    This teapot is sold at Ikea at a very small price.