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5 must-have items that will make you want to write

22/07/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

Ink to paper is a small pleasure that I never get tired of. I have four pencil cases full of hundreds of pens and crayons, and a drawer filled with pretty notebooks. (At least, I can pretend I bought them for my kids!) 

Here are my favourites: 

  1. My love for fountain pens probably comes from my upbringing in Germany. In Germany, children must use these types of pens in elementary school. The same model is still available forty years later. The Pelikano Junior comes in in blue, black, turquoise, purple, and red ink.

  2. I gave up on pens a few years ago and adopted the Paper Mate Flair medium point. It makes my agenda colourful and the ink is similar to that of a pen, so it doesn’t bleed through paper. Just Perfect.

  3. I passed on my love of markers to my son. So much so that he gets in trouble for writing with markers at school. The teacher insists that he must write with regular pencils. I went on a hunt to find the perfect mechanical pencil and found it at the dollar store. Cadoozles are comfortable to hold because they are small and the lead is soft.

  4. The best pens for drawing in anti-stress colouring books for adults and children is the Bic Mark- it. They are long lasting and come in beautiful colors.

  5. My favorite shopping destinations for notebooks is Winners and Indigo. This one comes from Indigo. I recommend a spiral book because it keeps the notebook open at the current page. We also have this Bicycle notebook on Picoum!