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5 tips for a successful girls weekend in New York City

17/08/2017 Jennifer Braun

With Labour Day weekend just around the corner, you’re surely itching for a weekend getaway. Though I can think of many places I would fly to in a heartbeat, there’s no place quite like New York City to reinvigorate your spirit and no one better to travel with than your best girlfriends.

With that said, there are so many great things to do in New York City that planning a weekend with your girlfriends can get a little hectic. Still, I’ve traveled a ton and whatever headaches a girls weekend may cause due to one too many drinks and other “issues”, the laughs and great memories make them worth it.

I think there’s nothing better than a girls getaway to break from the stresses of everyday life. Here are a few things about how to organize a girls’ weekend that will take you to New York City with your best friends:

Know where to stay

A glamorous girls weekend in New York City starts with a great place to stay, so choose wisely and make sure to find a place that works for everyone's budget. While in the city that never sleeps, opt to stay at a boutique hotel for a unique experience that will make your trip even more memorable, rather than at a big chain hotel. My colleague recently stayed at the Gotham Hotel in Midtown Manhattan and she absolutely loved it! This hotel offers low-key luxury and is near New York’s top hot spots like Times Square, Broadway, and the Rockefeller Center.

Plan ahead, but don’t overplan

While on a girls getaway, make a list of things you absolutely want to see like Lincoln Center or even a Yankees game in the Big Apple, and let your comrades know ahead of time. There’s no need to plan all your outings to the exact minute. That will likely stress you and the whole group out. Instead, get an understanding of where all the attractions are located and make sure to hit them up while you’re in the area. It’s called the big city after all. Don’t get caught running around in circles.

Spend some alone time

On a long weekend, it’s always nice to have a little alone time, so note that it’s fine to spend some time with yourself, while your friends do other things. Get your morning run in if you feel like you need it. Your friends will go grab coffee and you can easily meet them back at the hotel room to embark on the next adventure. You’ll definitely thank yourself for the alone time later.

Get digital

Though I don’t suggest you stay glued to your phone to update your social media accounts while away, I do think some key phone apps can be very helpful on a weekend getaway. Make sure you and your girlfriends make a group chat on an App like WhatsApp to stay connected and to share photos from the weekend. Other Apps like Google Trips: for itineraries can help you map out half and full day itineraries, and will provide suggestions of things to see or do in the area.

Go with the flow

Finally, plans change and there are many factors that can affect how your weekend will play out, including things that are out of your control like the weather. Be present and don’t worry about the small stuff. Take advantage of every moment by keeping things simple and enjoying simple things like the view from your great hotel balcony, shopping and even New York City street meat.

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