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5 ways to wear the off-the-shoulder trend

06/06/2017 Jennifer Braun

The off-the-shoulder top is not a new creation. Just Google 50s stars like Lucille Ball and Grace Kelly and you will easily find this trend from decades ago in action. Still, the off-the-shoulder trend is back and with a vengeance, resurfacing in various forms and pieces for all your summer 2017 wardrobe needs.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look any further than Melissa Nepton’s Summer 2017 collection for any off-the-shoulder outfit inspiration. The Canadian designer's Summer collection is filled with different and unique ways to incorporate this hot trend into your wardrobe. And since it doesn’t look like this trend is going anywhere soon, you should definitely get ready to jump on this trend bandwagon!

To get inspired, here are five ways to wear the off-the-shoulder trend:

As a dress

The easiest way to try the off-the-shoulder trend is with a chic dress.

With the new IT blouse

Update your workwear basics with the new IT blouse (HINT: it’s open shoulder).

With some collarbone

Reveal more with this off-the-shoulder top featuring thin straps for a sexy look.

As your new favourite t-shirt

Your new favourite t-shirt has a loose fit, a V-neck finish and yes, you guessed it; open shoulders!

As a tunic

The open shoulder tunic is ideal for both an evening out or a day at work.