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6 must-have beauty products for fall 2016

12/10/2016 Jennifer Braun

When fall rolls around, the one thing that is on my mind is hydration, hydration and hydration! From my head to my my toes, my sun-kissed skin and hair slowly starts to feel dull and dry once the weather begins to change.

Fortunately, over the years I have discovered many products that have helped my skin and hair feel alive again, while revamping my beauty routine has helped me stay confidante.

From the make-up scene to the skin-care scene, here are some must-have products for fall 2016:

Face mask

Nothing transforms my skin like using a good face mask. I love this Collagen Micro-Peeling Lift mask which helps make my skin feel smooth and helps brighten my complexion. Apply this product on your skin twice a week and leave it on for 2 to 5 minutes. The microbeads will remove any dead skin cells and make your skin feel revitalized.

Tinted moisturizer

Since my skin is in need of extra hydration this time of year, I swap my usual foundation for a tinted moisturizer. I love Nars’s Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. It’s a lightweight formula that keeps my skin hydrated, yet still covers any imperfections for the entire day. It’s the only foundation you will need this season.

A Multistick

I have just discovered Bite Beauty’s Multistick and my only questions is - Why didn’t anyone tell me about this sooner?! Apply this multistick with your finger or a brush on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. There are many great shades to choose from (Mascarpone is perfect for fall) and it’s literally the only product you’ll need in your purse for a night out on the town.

A plump lip

I have fallen victim to the Kylie Jenner plump lip trend! Instead of trying the lip plumping challenge, I’m giving Karine Jonca’s Pepti-Collagene lip serum a try. This serum gives your lips a plumping effect with daily application.

Hair care

My grand mother bought this dry scalp treatment by Moroccanoil by mistake, but I’m so thankful that she did! I’ve used this product twice this fall and it has helped relieve my itchy scalp and even leaves my hair smelling good. Apply a few drops to your scalp and massage the product into your scalp. Alternatively, if you have an oily scalp they have a treatment for you as well.

A spritz of perfume just because

I never leave the house without spraying on some perfume. Though I’m a big fan of Marc Jacob’s Red Dot fragrance, I have switched things up this fall and have opted for Prada Candy. Whatever your taste in perfume is, change is always good so give something new a try! You can also find more perfume suggestions here.