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7 growth and wellness tips for women from Off The Fence and Wise

05/04/2017 Jennifer Braun

The three lovely women behind Wise Women Canada and Women on the Fence are teaming up, and we couldn’t be more excited! Lisa Brookman and Liz Wiener, along with Erica Diamond each have very distinct brands, but one similar mission: To empower, inspire and educate women.

Together they are teaming up to launch Off the Fence and Wise, a Women’s Wellness and Growth Conference, aimed at “helping women renew, regenerate and evolve to become their best selves.” The event is the first of its kind, taking place in Montreal on April 7.

Ahead of the conference, which will welcome speakers of the likes of Natasha Gargiulo and Maddy Kojakian, we chatted with the event organizers to get to know their top growth and wellness tips for women.

Read on to discover them and be sure to pick up your tickets to the event to receive more tips just like these:

  1. Take time to reflect

    “Look at what you’ve achieved and what you’d like to accomplish. Look back at milestones. Figure out WHO you are and WHERE you’d like to go. Having a vision of what you’d like to achieve tends to pull you towards it.” - Lisa Brookman

  2. Be content

    “Evolution is not about regretting. It’s about being content with what you have and growing it to another level.” 
- Liz Wiener

  3. Practice the 85% rule

    “Many of us are walking around feeling stressed simply because we are overwhelmed. We take on too much. I practice the 85 percent rule: I make sure 85 percent of my commitments are NECESSARY COMMITMENTS. That means, I have started eliminating unnecessary commitments from my schedule. It’s practicing the art of saying “no” to the things that don’t boost your happiness. You can’t give from an empty cup.” - Erica Diamond

  4. Embrace and learn from your failures and vulnerabilities

    “They are amazing learning opportunities from which to springboard into something new and positive.” 
- Lisa Brookman

  5. Accept that you’re not perfect

    “This is a wonderful place to be because it leaves room for growth and evolution. If you’re perfect, how can you evolve?” - Liz Wiener

  6. Love yourself

    “Evolution should come from a positive place.” - Lisa Brookman

  7. Jump in with both feet and do things outside of your comfort zone

    “Commit to your evolution and the challenges that will get you there.” 
- Liz Wiener

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