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A complete guide to outerwear

05/10/2016 Jennifer Braun

Once the temperature starts to drop, the one item you will wear that is sure to do all the talking is your outerwear. Fortunately, there are many outerwear designs that can help ease you into fall and later take you all the way into winter.

I never shy away from a fun outerwear style. I think outerwear is the perfect piece to complete an outfit, especially in the fall. Before you wrap yourself in a puffer jacket in fear of -30-degree weather, have fun with your outerwear and opt for figure-flattering styles that can completely transform your outfits. No, seriously! Your monochromatic outfit choice will look completely different when combined with a leather jacket or a peacoat. Watch and see!

Here’s a complete guide to 2016 outerwear styles:

The cape

Who says outerwear is only comprised of coats? Not me! Try something new and opt for a cape this season. Stick to a basic colour like black, grey or camel and watch your outfit completely transform. The cape is ultra stylish and feminine. I love the Kronos cape with its fringe detailing - it’s so easy to wear when combined with leggings.

The Trench

The trench coat might remind you of raining days, but this outerwear style is no longer reserved just for wet weather. Instead, when combined with booties and a sleek pair of denim, the trench coat can be spotted on the high street all the way through fall. The key is to update the classic beige trench with colour-contrasting detailing and modern elements.

The duster coat

The duster coat is having a serious fashion moment and it’s the perfect go-to item to complete any fall outfit. This loose-fitting long coat style now comes in a variety of materials for warmer and cooler days. I love this wool blend option by Nisse in grey and in beige. If you’re a shorty (like me), be sure to combine this style with high-heeled booties and fitted pants to not completely lose your figure.

The denim jacket

The denim jacket is an outerwear staple that has literally survived the test of time. Your parents wore them, your kids wear them and now, you should to. It’s a great outerwear option to wear between September and November before it gets too cold outside. The denim jacket is a classic style that continues to be re-invented with patchwork detailing and oversized cuts, but the classic style is a sure bet that will flatter all body types.

Anything black

Finally, if there’s one go-to coat style that you will need all winter long – it’s a black one! A black leather jacket is a must-have for fall, but come winter you will need a warmer option like a black wool coat. This A-line wool coat can top off any outfit and is figure-flattering for all body shapes.