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A Photo a day

21/04/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

Strangely enough I have stopped taking a lot photos since I have been a mom. Of course, I take out my camera for my children’s parties and when we celebrate a holiday but I have lost the habit of taking pictures for the simple pleasure of playing with angles, contrast, colours…

I miss my camera and how I used to capture ordinary moments.

I needed a personal photo challenge to get me going again.

I started the list. Add ten more of your favourites topics so you can have fun for the whole month. Type photo challenge on the net for more inspiration.

  1. A toy

  2. A hobby

  3. Souvenir

  4. Sleeping

  5. A show

  6. Art

  7. Candies

  8. Love

  9. In my house

  10. My bike

  11. Flowers


  12. A recipe

  13. Feet (of course!)

  14. House chores

  15. Coffee

  16. At the park

  17. Our pet

  18. Precious

  19. Vespa

  20. Surprised