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Beach Vacation Essentials

08/07/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

To celebrate my friend’s birthday, I went on a last minute four day trip to Cuba.

(Birthday girl is on the left ) 

Our days were spent catching up, floating in the sea, relaxing and just enjoying eachothers company. 

Here’s a list of things my friends and I packed in our suitcases: 

  1. Two books (I highly recommend, if you read French):

  2. Sunscreen that smells like coconut:

  3. A new matte lipstick by Mac (Retro Matte Relentlessly).

  4. A new garment or accessory because you need a new item when you go on a trip, right?

    My friend Claude packed:

    A beach hat

    Beach cover up

    My friend Elias packed:

    Work out t-shirt  (he works out even when on vacation)

    My friend Johann packed:

    A new necklace

    A new purse

    I packed:

    A new bikini

We had a great time and are planning to do the same next year!