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Beat the Heat Summer Outfit ideas

16/06/2016 Jennifer Braun

The first official day of summer is just a few days away. Though you’re probably ready to bask in the sun and enjoy some blazing hot weather (it’s been a long winter), have you asked yourself if your wardrobe is too?

In order to beat the heat this summer, stay cool with light and airy fabrics, and remember that less is more. It's time to put your jackets away and incorporate some of these summer essentials into your wardrobe instead:

Beat the heat on an afternoon date

During your lunch affairs is when the sun will be at its hottest. Whether you’re meeting an old friend for coffee or grabbing lunch with your new fling, do it in a lightweight one-piece like this A-line sleeveless dress. Ditch the chunky necklace during the heat, and accessorize with a pair of statement earrings instead and a matching bracelet. Finally, add an extra touch of personality to your outfit all while protecting yourself from the sun with a floppy hat.

Beat the heat at Sunday brunch

For mornings where bare legs are not an option, reach for a pair of soft and lightweight pants. Combine these two tone slacks with a loose camisole like this Bodybag by Jude tank top with gold leather straps to give your outfit a feminine touch. Complete your ensemble with light accessories like this handmade cord bracelet with 14k gold plated interlocked rings and a matching necklace.