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Best ways to stick to your 2017 fitness resolution

02/01/2017 Jennifer Braun

The new year is here and that means that many of you are planning some 2017 resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions we tend to set this time of year is usually fitness related. Still, whether your resolution is to lose weight, tone up, or get rock hard abs by the summer, sticking to your goals will be no small feat.

If you’re serious about keeping your fitness goals in 2017, you’ll need a plan of action. Thankfully, we have you covered! Here are five ways to stick to your fitness resolution in 2017:

Set a measurable goal

It’s easy to say that you’re going to get in shape in the new year, but now it’s time to set a realistic goal that is measurable. If your goal is to lose weight, think about how many pounds you want to lose by the end of the month, or if your goal is to get stronger, think about how much weight you want to be able to curl. When you set a goal that is measurable, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Track your progress

Now that you have a measurable goal, think about how you want to track your progress. One way that has been proven effective to track your weight loss goals is to take pictures every four to six weeks. The visual aid will help work as a reminder of your fitness journey and progress. You can also write down your progress so you can track how much weight you’ve lost or have started lifting at the gym throughout the year.

Start with a new outfit

Start the new year feeling good about yourself and stay motivated with the help of some new gear. Nothing can get you to the gym or to your fitness class quicker than an outfit you can’t wait to wear and feel good in. Treat yourself to a new sports bra or a pair of stylish activewear tights to start your new year's resolution off well.

Don’t forget to switch it up

Your fitness resolution should take you through the entire year and not just January. To do so, be sure to switch up your fitness routine throughout the year to avoid getting bored. Workout with a buddy once a week or try a drop-in fitness class in order to do something new, and to stay on track.

Celebrate your victories always (even the small ones)

This year, there will surely be a time where your fitness resolutions will fall off track, but that’s when you have to remember how far you’ve come. Be sure to celebrate all your accomplishments this year, even when they fall short. Treat yourself to some new clothes or just pat yourself on the back and take note of a job well done.