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Bodybag by Jude talks Summer 2016 Trends

13/05/2016 Jennifer Braun

Whoever said partying won’t get you far in life, did not have an act for designing clubwear. Fortunately for Judith Desjardins, she did.

The 44-year-old designer behind the Montreal-based brand BODYBAG by Jude says she has always had an interest in dressing differently than the crowd.

“Finding the stuff I wanted here in Montreal was difficult,” Desjardins admits.

She started making her own clothes and in the early 90s, Desjardins signature style caught the attention of several club goers.

“This is how it all started, I was dressing up to go to parties and people were asking me where I got [my clothes] from and so I thought there was a demand,” Desjardins explains. “Fashion design had always been a dream for me, so it was just natural that I would do that.”

Though she first found success designing rave and clubwear, today BODYBAG by Jude has evolved into an urban chic ready-to-wear line for young professionals.

I chatted with Desjardins to learn more about her recently launched spring/summer 2016 collection and her thoughts on Canada’s fashion scene.

What was the inspiration behind your spring/summer 2016 collection?

I was in London last year and I rediscovered the district of Shoreditch in East London, so my collection was really inspired by that. It’s sports-chic and urban casual. I really work with my instinct though – I always have – that’s probably why I work in fashion.

What kind of woman did you have in mind when designing this collection?

A young woman who likes to be different and definitely not boring. The woman I design for she’s one of the boys. She’s feminine, but she has a strong personality.

What’s special or unique about this collection?

This collection is really versatile and easy to wear. What’s fun is that the whole collection can be dressed up or dressed down.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

My personal favourite, the Ironic dress, is actually sold out already! I really like the Jambalaya dress too. It’s for a different taste.

Why would you encourage people to shop local this summer?

It’s important for our economy and it supports people who are working here. Also for the environment, there is a lot less back and forth involved when it comes to transportation. People think that it’s more expensive, but it’s not. My lines prices are comparable to a lot of other fashion retailers like Zara or Club Monaco.

This interview has been edited and condensed.