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Boost your summer beauty confidence with Virginie Vandelac

07/06/2017 Jennifer Braun

There’s definitely something about summer that makes women feel extra insecure about their appearance. As both bikini season and leg barring season, summer forces us to focus on the parts of our body’s we don’t always love and it can quickly become a confidence killer.

Though I don’t hold the secret to go from Canadian Snow White to sun-kissed beach goddess in the span of a week, what I do know for sure is that our Canadian summers are way too short to spend not feeling good about ourselves!

For ways to boost my summer confidence, I turned to Canadian make-up artist to the stars Virginie Vandelac for her confidence boosting tricks. With close to 20 years of experience beautifying women and as the make-up artist behind the hit show Quel âge me donnez vous?, Virginie knows a thing or two about making women feel good about themselves.

Her ultimate beauty boosting confidence trick: Take a make-up class!

“Make-up can really enhance your beauty,” Virginie explains. “To know how to do our make-up properly, it’s a gift that we can give ourselves.”

I recently had Virginie do my make-up and I can testify that I felt like a million bucks. Also, take a look at these before and after make-up shots!

If you’re looking to boost your summer beauty confidence, here’s what to expect from a make-up class with Virginie:

What a make-up class entails

It’s a two hour class where I’ll do the make-up on half of your face and then I’ll let you complete the other half with the techniques I’ll teach you. I ask all my clients to bring the products they currently use at home, and I’ll suggest what products to keep, get rid of and what new ones to buy, and where.

What you will learn

You’ll learn how to do a full everyday make-up from foundation, to eyes, to lips and it’s personalized to you. I analyze your features and then I suggest the right texture for your skin and the best ways to enhance your features.

Why you should take one

If you’re the least bit interested in make-up and taking care of yourself, taking the time to take a make-up class is a great way to rediscover ourselves and our beauty. I work with women everyday and I find them all beautiful. What I help with is really enhancing that beauty.

Who should take one

Everyone! My clients are 17 all the way to 70-years-old.

Some of Virginie’s favourite make-up products to get you started

I always have my Modèle Collagen Lip Treatment in my bag, which I apply before my lipstick. It makes my lips look more full and helps my lipstick stay longer. Right now, I’m also really loving flashy lipsticks and I’ve been wearing Nyx waterproof lipstick. It stays on for a really long time!