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Braun thermometer

03/12/2015 Isabelle Racicot

Parents (and future parents): you must have this at home!

Last year, I was really excited about the new Braun No touch + forehead thermometer, a truly amazing tool to keep an eye on your baby's fever.

For children of all ages, I recommend this one from the same family of products, the Braun Thermoscan thermometer. Its soft tip is pre-warmed that minimizes discomfort and ensures an accurate reading every time. It also has a night-light, a really convenient feature when you want to check your child's temperature at night.

I also know that many young parents are concerned about the quality of materials used to make children's products, so you'll be happy to know that the Braun Thermoscan has no latex or BPA.

Sold for $89.99, it might seem expensive but it's an investment that's really worth it. It's the thermometer that's the most recommended by pediatricians.