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Compression wear to improve your workout

15/06/2016 Jennifer Braun

The countdown is on! I am exactly one month away from sipping gin and tonics on a beach in California, which also means I’m looking for ways to maximize my workout regimen in order to sip confidently in my new bikini.

Besides doubling my number of daily crunches, I set out to find ways to augment my workout routine and results. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a magic diet pill to reach rock-hard abs status, but it was suggested that I give compression wear a try.

Compression garments like socks, shorts, tights and t-shirts, compress and stabilize muscles by fitting extra tightly. The science behind the benefits of such garments is contradictory (some studies show positive effects, while others haven’t). Still, compression wear is reputed for improving performance during exercise and recovery, and has been embraced by all sorts of athletes.

Since I would never shy away from an excuse to get a new pair of tights, I decided to investigate and went straight to the source to find out more about how my active wear can further my workout results. I chatted with Danny Ayoub President of Qsd inc., the parent company behind EC3D, a high performance compression gear brand. Here’s what he had to say:

What are some of the benefits of wearing compression wear?

For compression garments that we wear on our lower limbs it’s about blood circulation, reducing the muscle oscillation and muscle alignment, which allows your muscles to perform better. On your upper limbs, it’s more about posture. In our shirts for example, we have built-in postures correctors that pull your shoulders back to make you stand in a more balanced way.

Who should be wearing compression wear and when?

We have a lot of different products, you can take a regular travelling sock and it’s for anyone who travels or who’s sitting down for a long time. People wear these products regularly because it makes them feel better. And then you have the athlete whose training 20 hours a day for a triathlon, and he uses it during his training and for recovery purposes – there’s a multitude or sports that you can use the products for. It’s for anyone who wants to use something to feel better, perform better or recover.

What makes EC3D compression products special or unique?

Right now, ‘compression’ is a bit of a free word. Any company that makes something that fits snug can put the word ‘compression’ on their label. There’s no standard. What makes us different is that we actually indicate and measure how much compression our garments have. Also, it’s not just a question of how much compression, but where the compression is found. Compression should always be more at the extremity of your limbs. We use seamless technology which enables us to target different zones and muscle areas.

What are some of your most popular products at the moment?

Socks are very popular because of ease of use. Then it’s a close second for the compression shorts and recovery pants.

This interview has been edited and condensed.