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Easy and stylish last-minute Summer outfit ideas

08/06/2017 Jennifer Braun

We might have not yet hit scorching hot weather, but hot and sticky summer days are right around the corner. For those busy Summer mornings where you don’t have time to pick out an outfit, make sure you have easy outfit ideas on hand, so you don’t leave the house in your jogging pants and ragy t-shirt.

Below, I've created two easy and stylish last-minute Summer outfit ideas for the next time you are time crunched. The best part of these looks is that they were created with wardrobe essentials like a denim skirt and an easy breezy summer dress. Having these types of items in your closet, will make your life way easier this Summer and will allow you to always be able to put a stylish outfit together in the pinch of time.

Get ready for Summer, with these outfit ideas:

For Sunday brunch

LONDON - Jersey Dress ANDI - Navy Rope TANJOR - Earrings (Silver) Tx-746 - Sunglasses

For those mornings where you just don’t want to get out of bed (HINT: You hit snooze 10 times), reach for an easy breezy Summer dress. This sleeveless jersey dress by BODYBAG by Jude falls just above the knee for an elegant look and will have you out the house in no time, so you can enjoy a stress free Sunday brunch with your girlfriends. On a hot day, skip the heavy jewelry and instead complete your look with light and minimal accessories like this wrap bracelet made with a light nylon maritime rope, and these statement earrings. Finally, to hide any signs of fatigue, make sure you have a pair of sunglasses on hand.

For mom duty

Malibu Beach High Rise Pencil Skirt C'EST L'HEURE - T-Shirt OTTOMAN - Earrings (Silver) KLUM - Silver

Between getting your kids to soccer practice, swimming lessons and everything in-between, finding time to coordinate an outfit in the morning can be tough. Still, don’t be stuck looking like a frumpy mom at your kid’s next soccer practice, when all you need is a denim skirt and a well-fitted t-shirt to get the kids out the door in style. Wear this comfortable high rise pencil denim skirt by Yoga Jeans with this fun slogan t-shirt designed for a sexy and sophisticated woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Combine your denim and t-shirt look with easy accessories like this short sterling silver plated necklace and these dangling earrings, and you’re ready to start mom duty in style. That was easy, right?!