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Heatwave approved outfit ideas

22/06/2017 Jennifer Braun

What do you wear on an unbearably hot summer day? You know, on those hot humid days where you either hide wherever there’s air conditioning or consider leaving the house naked (don’t).

This summer, you’ll want to wear light and breezy clothes that won’t weigh you down. Think to wear light fabrics and note that denim is a bad idea, even denim shorts. The same goes for accessories. Avoid big chunky jewelry and instead, opt for dangling earrings and bracelets and necklaces that don’t come in heavy materials.

The outfit ideas below were created with heatwave dressing rules in mind and are sure to help you get through any summer heatwave like a breeze. Peep these heatwave approved outfit ideas and get inspired to rock summer in style:

Weekend Ready

Multi-Layer Romper Shorts (Black) NARRITA - Off-White Leather and 14ct Gold Bracelet LYCO - Silver & Black Necklace Tx-740 - Sunglasses Straw Fedora (White)

When a heatwave strikes on the weekend, the last thing you should do is hide inside. Instead, reach for this L Fashion Overload romper made of a lightweight fabric that will honestly feel like you’re wearing nothing. Wear it with a pair of heels for an evening out or with a pair of sneakers for a more casual daytime look. Accessorize your outfit with this wrap bracelet made with a high grade extra-soft leather that won’t weigh you down, as well as this wrap necklace with delicate tassels. Finally, for a day out, don’t forget your summer essentials like your sunglasses and a cute straw fedora to keep you protected from the sun.

Work Appropriate

NICO - Dress (Black) OTTOMAN - Earrings (Silver) Hair Elastic- Black Tx-700 - Sunglasses

If you need to hit the office in the middle of a heatwave, make sure you have a breezy dress on hand like this short sleeved striped dress by Melissa Nepton. It’s to easiest item to reach for in your closet and the one you’re sure to feel most comfortable in at the office. Again, opt for light accessories and skip the chunky necklace, and go for these dangling earrings instead. Keep this elegant hair elastic around your wrist for when the heat starts to attack your hair and have your sunglasses on hand, so you can beat the heat in style.