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Holiday Gift Guide for Husband and Wife by Isabelle Racicot

30/11/2016 Isabelle Racicot

When I selected items from Picoum for this gift guide, I made the selection with you in mind and the dozens of different people you may have on your list.

Often, at the top of our holiday gift list is our significant other. Though the choice was hard (it’s like asking me the choose between my kids), here are my gift ideas for your significant other.

For the special woman in your life

Fist off, let’s not wait until December 24 at 3 pm to shop (we won’t be able to ship on time)! Instead, take a few minutes now to browse and place your order. It’s easier and faster to shop online! Since you’re shopping for the special woman in your life, don’t hesitate to buy more than one gift. I’ve made a pre-selection for you to help with the task:

  • A cardigan: I am so comfortable in this long knitted cardigan with a hood and pockets. Your wife is sure to appreciate it.
  • IDC “ultimate” beauty gift box: This hydrating gift set will give your significant other beautiful skin, and she’ll have you to thank for it! The gift set includes the ultimate facial serum for mature skin, Ultim-Age (30 ml), the hydrating, nourishing Hydra-Seal cream (50 ml) and the triple-action exfoliating Trilogy mask (40 ml).
  • Choker necklace: Jewelry under the Christmas tree is always sure to please. Get her a super trendy flat black choker and she’ll never say you have bad taste again.
  • A mini-bag: If there’s any accessory your wife wants this holiday, it’s a purse. This mini-bag in black fox fur is as unique as it is practical.

For the special man in your life

Because he makes us feel good, he’s always there to listen and to tell us were beautiful – let’s say thank you. Here are some gift ideas for the special man in your life:

  • Sunglasses: These gold coloured metal sunglasses will make him look like Tom Cruise. A gift for him and for you.
  • A sweater: I hope you really like this hoodie because you’re significant other will be wearing it everywhere. To the gym, the the mall, on Saturday mornings, and he’ll be thinking of you when he’s in it.
  • Compression Tights: For the athlete in your life, get him a pair of compression tights and show him how you care.
  • A bracelet: Men want jewelry under the Christmas tree too. My friends have been wearing this bracelet absolutely everywhere and I understand why.

Finally, if you're hesitant to choose a gift, consider getting a Picoum gift card this holiday season!