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How to avoid being tired when the clocks go forward

09/03/2017 Isabelle Racicot

It’s probably the time of the year I hate the most; the spring forward time change. Considering that during the year I’m already lacking sleep (between work, kids, social life and more), loosing an hour of sleep is catastrophic. I’m tired and my mood is off, as is my appetite. And if that wasn’t enough, my kids and my husband experience the same thing. In other words, It’s not exactly an all inclusive Cancun vacation at my place during this time of year.

Thankfully, I’ve spoken to the experts and this is what I remember to help me spring forward more gracefully:

  1. Take baby steps

    According to experts, help your kids spring forward by preparing them four nights in advance. For example, if your kid usually goes to be at 8 pm, put them to bed 15 minutes earlier at 7:45 pm, the next day at 7:30 pm, and the next at 7:15, to have them in bed the closes to 7 pm as possible, the day of. Do the same in the morning for the best results. Note that this trick also works for parents!

  2. Think calm and tranquil

    Don’t bring your adrenaline up before bed. Ideally, you should stop working on a computer, smart phone, or tablet 30 minutes before bed. Actually, this is a rule you should stick to all year round!

  3. Eat well

    You know, the most important meal of the day is breakfast, but this rule is even more important when the clocks go forward. I noticed that my sons are even more hungry when the time changes, so I’m sure to have a good breakfast prepared. My boys and I love Bon Matin bread. It’s very nutritious and ideal for family breakfast.

  4. Be easy on yourself

    Sleep specialist estimate that you need 20 days to get your rhythm back after a time change. Bear with it and be easy on yourself. There will be mornings where you’ll think; “not time to get up already?!?!”

  5. Sleep NOW

    Most importantly, now until the time goes forward, try to accumulate as many hours of sleep as possible. It’s the perfect excuse to put your little ones to bed sooner.

Good luck!