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How to get the California look for fall 2016

19/10/2016 Julie Bouchard

I just got back from a terrific honeymoon in California. I visited two beautiful cities: San Diego and Los Angeles. Besides spending time with my husband, eating whatever I wanted, drinking whenever I pleased, and enjoying the beautiful beaches, I also soaked in the city’s atmosphere and admired the California street style.

Surf and skate style was all the rage a few years ago. Though back at home in Quebec the style is now less popular, it’s still a stand-out style in California. Perhaps not surprising, considering the heavy surf culture in California.

There are surf and skate shops at every street corner. You can find items such as retro and Boho inspired sportswear, similarly to those found in Quebec. I also saw a lot of chokers like this one that you can wear multiple ways.

The weather in California is a little cooler now that it is fall. Especially in San Diego, which is located south of LA. Currently, the average temperature is about 22 degrees Celsius. Still, that doesn’t stop residence from borrowing classic styles that we wear back at home such as fur coats, flannel blouses and knit sweaters. My husband and I totally looked like tourists in our summer clothes as residence prepared to “brave the cold”. Californians would love this fur purse by Harricana!

I was also pleasantly surprised to see the “pin up” style in the Echo Park neighbourhood of LA. This retro trend is very popular. If you’re feeling inspired, try this dress by Bodybag by Jude.

California style is very similar to that found at home in Montreal, but still has a distinct west side influence. Fall is all about layering and playing with textures. I even noticed their colour palette for fall is similar. If you haven't yet, read my article to discover fall 2016’s hottest colours.