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How to have the best Valentine’s Day date

10/02/2017 Jennifer Braun

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is just another commercial holiday or not, February 14 is a great excuse to celebrate love and your relationship with your significant other. No matter if you’re in a hot new romance or in a long-term relationship, a little thought on this international day of love can go a long way.

“Valentine’s Day should not feel like a chore for anyone,” explains dating expert and Dashing Date founder, Kavita Ajwani. “No matter who’s planning it or how long you’ve been in a relationship for, I think it’s important not to overthink it and to go into it with the right mindset.”

Though traditional Valentine’s Day activities often include dinner and a movie, or even a spa day, for the ultimate Valentine’s Day date, Kavita suggests an alternative approach that involves a little more thought and creativity.

“Instead of thinking of it in terms of what to do on Valentine’s Day, think about what you want to get out of it as a couple together."

Whatever you finally decide for your Valentine’s Day date, I chatted with Kavita to find out what elements your date should have to be a success:

Make it a surprise

There’s something about the element of surprise that can really make a traditional date go from ordinary to unforgettable. Even if your couple is planning the date together, Kavita suggests you throw something in the mix that will add a little bit of a twist and will catch someone off guard. Whether it’s a surprise gift or a surprise stop at a favourite spot, the gesture won’t go unappreciated.

Make it a new experience

Kavita suggests that no matter your Valentine’s Day date plans, it should be a new experience for the both of you. Even if you plan to do something as simple as going to the restaurant or to the spa, pick a place where you haven’t been before or choose a spa package that’s a little different than usual. Who knows, you just might even discover a new favourite place or activity to experience together.

Do something that will help you grow

This Valentine’s Day, do something that will allow you and your significant other to learn something new about each other. Doing different activities that are out of your element will allow your couple to see a different side of each other's personality. Kavita says she loves the idea of taking a class, so couples can work as a team and learn something new together.

Explore your sexy side

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to explore your sexy side. If you’re feeling a little more risky and racy this year, Kavita suggests you do activities that are a little less mainstream. Events like a Burlesque show or a night-in playing sexy board games will help ignite a more sexy side of you just on time for Valentine’s Day.