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I like / I don’t like

19/05/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

When you love writing lists as much as I do, this one is hard to beat!

I like:

My whole family, packing a suitcase, Frida Kalho, white running shoes, coffee flavoured ice cream, my friends who are so different, days where I have nothing to do, swimming alone in a pool, celeriac, tidying up the house or my office, burning hot showers, perfume and lipstick, reading blogs, sleeping in very dark room, having kept my young spirit, Olive & Gourmando restaurant in the Old Montreal, holding my husband’s hand, going to bed early, inviting people over for supper on weekends, helping, crying when I see beautiful things, walking under the rain, papaya, dancing in the living room, everything latin, public transport, writing for Picoum, old people, scars (especially in the face), community gardens, funky décors, the ambiance of a museum, teachers, my vintage bicycle, icebreakers, having dessert before my meal, the sun that kisses my skin, repeating boring jokes that I find funny, maple syrup in a salad dressing, walking on a beach in fall, questionning myself, a tiny beauty mark my son Luca has on his neck, my son Mateo’s brown skin, walking…

I don’t like

Selfish people, sauerkraut and sausages, my white hair, when people say mean things to me, high heels because it makes my back hurt, paying income tax, when people call me Mrs, things that match, spending too much time on my phone, meetings, having dry skin, hockey, laziness, the cold, sitting down for too long, big groups, taking the plane, cats, heavy metal music, carnations, watching a movie a second time, strong perfumes, looking for my keys, dressing up chic, washing the dishes without gloves, fixing my hair, big cars, TV series that don’t end when they should, cutting raw meat, dirty glasses, sunburns, waking up before my alarm, eating cold, earth colours, leather sofas, air conditioning...

If you are a mom, try the exercise with your children at supper time. Have them say or write five likes and five dislikes. You will get to hear suprising revelations!

Try it with a good friend. Write her list and she will writes yours!

See you next week here again on Thursday for Tanja is crazy about lists!