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Isabelle Racicot's girls weekend in Stowe

16/11/2016 Isabelle Racicot

There has been Meredith New Hampshire, Lake Placid, Stowe, Bolton Landing, New York, Haïti, and Tremblant. Where there has been a lot of decision making, crazy laughs, some questioning, new discoveries, good food, and precious quiet moments.

During the last decade, my friends and I have started a tradition that is not just important, but also ESSENTIAL to our mental health: spending quality time together. No matter where we end up, this time of the year is evidence of our deep commitment to keep our strong bond and friendship.

For 48 hours, we put our responsibilities aside and we take the time to take it easy, spoil ourselves and relax. Yes, we stop running around, living at great speed and juggling 15 things at a time such as being a wife, a mother, an employee and a woman. It’s a time to press pause and to just be yourself with people you love unconditionally. That’s how I feel when I’m with Sophie, Martine and Julie who I have been friends with since I’m 4-years-old.

This year, we chose Stowe Mountain lodge for the weekend. A wonderful location just two hours away from Montreal, at the bottom of the Mansfield mountain.

I really loved the area, which I think is perfect for a friends, family or couples outing. I was really charmed by the beautiful area, large green spaces, and all the activities there was to do.

The outdoor skating rink will be open after American thanksgiving (so romantic when lit at night time), I’ll have to go back and try it.

We also took advantage of the heated pool and spa services. I didn’t have time to yodel, ski, or try the rock-climbing wall. After all, I had restaurants to try and wine to drink.

You know how important buying local is for me so I tried some local gin from Vermont (a couple of times). If you’re in the area, buy Barr Hill Gin and you can thank me later.

The weekend is now over and the 48 hours we spent together went by way too fast, but we have more memories and more energy than before. While I wait for our next adventure, I’m going to look at my photos and remind myself how lucky I am to be so well surrounded.

Now you should do the same! You deserve it.