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Isabelle reveals her must-have May items

10/05/2017 Isabelle Racicot

Here are some of my current favourite items, tested and approved!

MOOV: From Fashion to Fitness

Now that Spring has arrived, I have to admit that I’m a more diligent runner. Thanks to my colleague Bianca, I discovered Moov Activewear and their line of ultra comfortable leggings, which I also wear for my dance class. Yes, I take dance classes in my friend’s basements with five other fabulous women. A weekly dose of pure happiness! All that to say, MOOV Activewear leggings are very stylish and can be worn both during the day with a t-shirt and a blazer, as well as for your workouts. Moov garments are made with Supplex™, which has the same properties as nylon and is water repellent, anti-microbial, moisture wicking and odour resistant. Not to mention, they are 100 percent made in Québec including design, fabric, thread, and manufacturing.

Super Leaves Bodycare

I’m hard to please when it comes to finding a body cream that I like. I need a cream that hydrates well (dark skin is generally more dry) and that is not too scented. I need a cream that my body can properly absorb and that won’t leave any sticky residue. If you have the same skin needs as me, you’re going to love the new Super leaves product line by ATTITUDE made with super leaves. Super leaves, like super foods, contain a number of beneficial vitamins and other properties for the body. The collection also includes shampoos, conditioners and body gels. Bonus: When you buy ATTITUDE, you’re supporting a Quebec company who produces natural products!


In the past, many of you have asked me what products I use for my crazy curly hair. I have tried dozens of products over the years, but recently my hairdresser Luc Gagnon from Hed Salon has me using Killer Curls by Kevin Murphy. Warning; The product’s scent is a little strong, but the smell doesn’t stay for long. You don’t need a lot, just the amount of a dime, and I combine it with styling cream from Bumble and Bumble. With these products, my curls stay defined and curly all day. Something any fellow natural curly haired woman will understand and appreciate!

Something for BBQ Season

I love to eat. That’s why I was adamant that I wanted a Foodie section in our online magazine. I love trying all the recipes that Nadia and her husband Alex cook up together. I recently made their hummus recipe for a dinner at a friend’s house. It was an easy and delicious recipe! I love hummus either as an hors d'oeuvre with vegetables, pita bread and crackers, or even as a side dip with your meat and fish. I’ll let you try the recipe for yourself. Let me know what you think!

Cargo Pants for Summer

In our summer closet, we all need a pair of white pants, but I’m also loving the cargo pant for the new season. It can easily be worn with a simple white t-shirt and sneakers, or dressed up with a pair of heels and a blazer. My colleague on Salut Bonjour, Marie-Christine Proulx, loved my cargo pants so much that she bought a pair as well. If you order your own, opt for a size smaller than your usual fit. They’re made larger and are stretchy.