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Isabelle reveals her must-have April items

12/04/2017 Isabelle Racicot

Finally, Spring has arrived! For me, Spring is synonymous with cleaning and change. It’s the start of warmer days and fresh blooms, as well as a time of year where I feel like buying everything! I don’t know why, but my brain goes into spending mode and my credit card follows without asking any questions!

Here are some of my current favourite items, tested and approved!


Since we will soon be wearing miniskirts and bathing suits, I suggest you start exfoliating with Looky Scrubs. This coffee scrub is used in the shower. Besides making you smell like coffee (exactly what I need in the morning), it will leave your skin so soft. In my case, I also noticed a reduction in cellulite. It’s not a miracle product, but it does the job, as they say!






Speaking of swimwear, now is the season to make your purchases! Since it’s the beginning of the season, we have the best selection of styles and sizes to choose from. I often tell my friends that we should all have at least one chic quality bathing suit in our wardrobe. I have pieces from Shan swimwear that I bought six years ago that I still wear today. This year, I’m obesseded with this red one-piece swimsuit, reminds me of Baywatch!






The book by Marie-Élaine Proulx titled Pierre, Jean, Jacques et les autres, can be read in a couple of hours, and it's really a quick and pleasant read. The author shares various stories filled with humour about her search for love at 50-years-old. A must read!







Warm weather is here and that makes me want to make changes to my backyard. It’s always fun to makes changes, big or small. My friend recently made me discover this inflatable spa. We can’t all afford to have a spa at home or may not have the green space for it either, so this is the perfect solution. I’m now obsessed with this inflatable spa. Your “garden parties” with friends will never be the same.






I’ve been listening on repeat to the latest Ed Sheeran album, Divide. I can't get enough!