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Isabelle’s top fall picks

03/10/2016 Isabelle Racicot

The new season always brings new inspiration, new to-dos and new must-have items!

This fall, I have everything from technology to books on mind as well as my usual obsessions; food and wine, of course!

To be more exact, here are 7 things that are on my mind this season:

Flared Jeans

I’m so excited that flared jeans have made a comeback! I always thought this style was very flattering and made my legs look longer. If you need some style inspiration, check out Pinterest.

Michael Kors Access Watch

Now here is a smart watch I actually want to wear! I love how this item combines fashion and technology. Not only does it connect to my phone, but I'll have so much fun changing the screen's colour according to my mood.

David’s Tea Pumpkin Chai

Fall is THE time to take advantage of pumpkin spice anything. I’m obsessed with David’s Tea Pumpkin Chai. It’s the perfect fall drink to enjoy while watching your favourite tv show at night or on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Jessica Mulroney’s instagram feed

I am totally coveting everything and anything on Jessica Mulroney’s instagram feed this season. The mix of fashion pictures (I love her style) and fitness posts have me inspired.


A photo posted by Jess Mulroney (@jessicamulroney) on

Wine Time

It doesn’t have to be fall for wine to be on my mind, but I am really loving this red wine called Quinta do Côa Douro. Available for just under $20, why wouldn’t I love it!

The tunic

This season, the tunic is a must-have! This item is very versatile and can be worn a dozen different ways. It’s a chic look when combined with a pair of booties or it’s casual when worn with runners. I love it!

3 times a day

I love Marilou’s book called 3 Times a Day for the pretty pictures and great recipes! I’m a big fan of the first one and I just picked up the second edition (in french only).

Pureessentiel Purifying spray

I haven’t yet had the time to get in a fall spa day, so i’ve been loading up on Pureessentiel Purifying spray. Spray it at home and make your house smell like a spa.


A photo posted by Puressentiel (@puressentiel) on