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Last Minute gift ideas by Isabelle Racicot

03/12/2016 Isabelle Racicot

When I selected items from Picoum for this gift guide, I made the selection with you in mind and the dozens of different people you may have on your list.

We have to buy gifts for so many people and some of those gifts are harder to find than others. These gift ideas will help you shop for all those last minute people on your list like your kids teachers, your young niece and others :

For Teachers ($45 or less)

A big thank you to all those tecahers and educators who provide an essential service to our society. This year, I suggest you stay away from offering coffee mugs and candles, and buy something like this instead:

  • Karine Joncas beautiful skin kit: This kit will encourage anyone to take some must deserved “me time”. The kit includes the Karine Youth Essence Sea Bath body wash, the 5 in 1 Collagen Body Cream and an exfoliating glove.
  • Toiletry kit: This colorful and feminine toiletry kit is perfect for teachers to carry their favourite make-up and lotions to and from class.
  • Craft your own pompom kit: This present is too cool! This kit allows you to craft your own pompom out of recycled raccoon fur that you can add to a tuque, keychain, and more.

For a teen ($20 or less)

Whether it's your niece, your nieghbour, or your babysitter, many of us have to shop for a young teen this holiday season. If her interests involve fashion or beauty, and she's slowly maturing, here's what you should get her: 

For the host ($39 and less)

Since I have many holiday events to attend this year, I like to have many gifts on hand that I can choose and pick from before heading over to different friend and family functions.

  • Pompom keychain: This item is very popular! The soft texture will help your host easily find her keys in her bag. She’ll definitely thank you for it later.
  • Wine carrier: Carry your wine bottle with style! this neoprene bag makes the perfect gift, especially when offered with a good bottle of wine.
  • Travel bags: This set of three fashion canvas travel bags is super cute and convenient.

For our BFF’s

For the girl friend indoor life that you just can’t live without, a new accessory is a great way to say 'thank you for your friendship'. It’s hard to choose an "IT" item to offer, so have a look at the jewelry collections and go for what feels right:

  • Ciao Angel Bracelet: The idea behind wearing Ciao Angel jewelry is that it produces a sense of energy and courage and reminds us that we all have a guardian angel watching over us. Cute idea for a Christmas present, no?
  • Welldunn accessories: I love Welldunn’s collection of boho-chic accessories, especially this necklace. Why not offer it as a gift?
  • Luxetto: Luxetto jewelry is very versatile and already comes in a nice packaging for you to offer as a gift.

Finally, if you're hesitant to choose a gift, consider getting a Picoum gift card this holiday season!