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Lunch box ideas

09/09/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

In general, I’m a major foodie, but not so much when it comes to my lunches. Often, I just eat leftovers from the night before. I admire my colleagues who come to work with beautiful salads with homemade dressing. Watching them cut up an avocado or a fresh tomato puts me in awe. My kids have very ordinary lunches too. They never get tired of their cheese sandwich accompanied by an apple, a Lebanese cucumber, gold fishes and a chocolate chip cookie. 

My lunch box has nevertheless one or two interesting elements that might add something new to yours. 

  1. A lemon

    It is great with hot water, great on top of leftovers and it decorates my office (before I cut it of course!)

  2. A Travel Mug

    I have all sort of herbal teas in my lunch bag and if I have a cup with me, I can get a hot beverage everywhere I go by just asking for hot water, and without the $3 price tag. This tea is my favourite.

  3. Mary’s crackers

    I went on a gluten free diet for an entire year and tried all sorts of products. Mary’s crackers are by far one of the crunchiest and most savoury gluten free cracker. They also go great with hummus. 

  4. A hard-boiled egg

    I am so hungry in the morning you would swear I was pregnant. For that reason, I always have a hard-boiled egg in my lunch box. 

  5. A Danette vanilla flavour pudding or a Liberté Greek coconut yogurt.

    I don’t often eat sweet things but these desserts are just heaven.

  6. A cute lunch bag

    And of course, I have to have a cute lunch bag to carry my stuff.