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Mother’s Day Contest Winner

08/05/2016 Isabelle Racicot

Thank you! Many of you participated in our Mother’s Day contest. It was a pleasure to read your comments. We were touched by your messages and pictures and would have loved to give you all a gift. Congratulations to our winner, Véronique Denis!

Here are some of your inspiring stories:

Véronique Denis: "My beautiful Marie-Maude, my mom and I... This photo was taken 6 years ago during my parents 35 wedding anniversary. To this day, it is one of my favourite pictures. A single word to describe our relationship: Love. And nothing can describe the special bond between my mom and my daughter." 

Karine Dubois: "Here are my 4 generations. My grand-mother, my mom, me and my 12 year-old daughter." 

Andréé Bacon: "At my grandson's baptism, with my mom Nicole, me (Andréé), my daughter Vanessa and baby Nathan. This was 5 years ago." 

Josée Leblanc: "These 3 bracelets would be very symbolic for our three generations... My mom Nicole has been fighting for the last year two cancers... My daughter Joanie has been battling Crohn's disease since she's been 13 years-old and I have been fighting a degenerative disease... Three LIFE fighters !!!" 

Linda Forbes: "A moment of relaxation between our three generations! Love everyday. Happy Mother's day to all!"

Hélène Nadeau: "Here is mom's little family, so proud and filled with love... She is central to our lives... Thanks mom for being who you are. Your presence as a mom and grand-mother is a priceless gift." 

Marie-France Lemaire: "Three generations. My daughter, my mom and I."

Caroline Morrissette: "4 generations, my grand-mother, my mom, me and my daughter." 



Quotes have been translated and were originally submitted in French.