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New York, in a New York minute

03/12/2017 Martine St-Victor

New York. Gotham. The Big Apple. No matter how you call it, the City that never sleeps remains a favourite destination to many seeking a faster heartbeat, the time of a getaway.
Many great things to experience in New York and its surroundings (hello, Williamsburg!). So many, that it's easy to feel overwhelmed in this concrete jungle. Here's a quick guide to the good, the comfortable and the delicious in NY, when all you have are 48 hours in the City so nice, they had to name it twice.
Though getting to NY can be a quick flight, it’s long enough to flaunt some flair … and to stay hydrated. Two gotta-pack items:

Montreal luxury leather brand m0851 is a mecca of travel accessories and musts. One that I never fly without: the passport holder. It can also hold larger currencies and loyalty cards. @m0851official.

Clarins’ Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil . Its compact format will fit perfectly in your cosmetic pouch. This pot of liquid gold is perfect to both hydrate dry lips and to give them some luster. @ClarinsCanada
SoHo Grand Hotel: @SoHoGrandHotel
I've always fancied SoHo as the epicentre of my stays in New York.
My must: the SoHo Grand Hotel. As you soon as you arrive, you’ll feel as if you flew private to get there. Its grandiose staircase to the lobby is an appetizer to how plush your stay will be. The hotel offers impeccable service and much detailed attention. I often feel like eating at a hotel's restaurant makes me miss out on the City where I'm staying. Not so at the SoHo Grand. Its Grand Bar and fancy Club Room (with its impressive Whisky Bar) are perfect spots to meet up with friends. Also look for the SoHo Grand's sister hotel: The Roxy Hotel, just a stone's throw away ( .
They say you can become whomever you want to be, once you are in New York. Alors, let's be French.
Maman. @_MamanNYC_
Even in New York, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Go to Maman to get your day started. Maman, with its warm décor, will make you feel at home - if your home is extremely stylish, cool and in Provence. The very-Instagrammed eatery boasts delicious breakfast pastries (including a most delicious bomboloni alla Nutella ) and finger-licking salads, sandwiches and quiches for lunch. Maman's co-owners, Benjamin and Elisa are former Montrealers: yet another reason to love Maman. They have a location in SoHo, one in Tribeca and one in Toronto. Also, for a bull’s eye rotisserie chicken, run to Maman’s sister eatery: Papa Poule, @_papapoule_ .
Félix. @FelixRestaurant
I remember the first time I went to Félix like I can't forget my first kiss. This French Brasserie never disappoints. It sticks to what it knows: French fare. Cassoulet, magret de canard, escargots, steak frites and other Bleu, Blanc, Rouge favourites. They know how to make a good kir and Pernod-based cocktails. The people sitting on the tables next to yours will most likely be speaking french and if the tele is on, it will be broadcasting a fùtbol match. Go, Paris St-Germain.
Buvette. @BuvetteNYV
You might as well be in Le Marais. Buvette is a gastrothèque perfectly located in the West Village. The place is noisy, the food is delicious and before you know it, you will be on your second bottle of Bordeaux, humming some Gainsbourg and asking the person next to you if they can spare a Gitane.
But of course, Balthazar. Through it's a tourist trap, Balthazar is always a fun outing. Keith McNally's staple continues to be a favourite of visitors and locals alike. McNally's Cherche Midi is also an ode to France, in another part of town. More intimate, it's easy to melt into its banquettes, dreaming of warm days in the South of France.
Bar Boulud. @BarBouludNY
Give me Charcuterie or give me death! Bar Boulud is perfect if you're catching a show at the nearby Lincoln Center, just before. The restaurant offers a fancy experience which includes its homemade charcuterie. More tamed than a real Parisian eatery but oh, so good nonetheless.
La Durée. @maisonladuree
Wait, what? You know how there's always a queue in front of La Durée in Paris? Well now, you can experience these queues in New York. Fun times! Still, tea and a quick pastry at La Durée brings some douceur in New York days that can sometime leave you out of breath.
The MoMA. @themuseumofmodernart
Even when pressed for time, you cannot go to New York and not spend some time at the MoMa. It is where the daring, the beautiful and the complex are in display.
The Guggenheim. @Guggenheim
The Guggenheim is a masterpiece and chances are, there are no Frank Llyod Wright masterpiece where you live. It'd be foolish to be in New York and not walk through the museum's famed and impressive rotunda.
Should you be lucky enough to be able to spend more than just a minute in New York, there's no better guide than Marie-Joëlle's Parent "300 Reasons To Love New York". A guide like no other, it offers must New York spots and the stories & people behind them. Author Marie-Joëlle Parent on Instagram: @MarieJoelleParent .