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One jean, two looks

03/11/2016 Jennifer Braun

Everyone should have a stellar pair of skinny jeans in their wardrobe. I have more than one pair – dark, distressed and coloured - but through fall and as winter approaches, my skinny black denim is what is in consistent outfit rotation.

Black denim is a wardrobe staple because it’s easy to get the perfect day look with the right pair, and just as easy to get a stellar evening look with the right accessories. So grab your skinnies and get inspired with these outfit ideas:

Black denim for day

For an easy day look that is casual yet put together, reach for a pair of black skinny jeans with leather detailing for a little edge. Pair them with an asymmetrical long sleeve shirt in grey. Complete your outfit with easy and lightweight accessories like this delicate tassels wrap necklace and this silver cord bracelet and you’re ready to go just about anywhere.

Black denim for night

Dress up your black denim for night time by combining them with sleek items and accessories. Wear your black skinny yoga jeans with this printed blouse for a chic evening look. Pair it with this chocker necklace, this statement fur purse, and a sleek pair of heels, and you’re ready to go!