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One more magazine please!

12/05/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

I grew up in a house full of magazines. In fact, I believe my entire family has an obsession with them. My mom has over a hundred piled up in her kitchen with recipes she wants to try, my brother reads every detail of the lives of the rich and famous and I am pretty much addicted to every type of periodical: food, people, fashion, home renovations, etc. Tell you the truth, I spend way too much money on them! Elle, Vogue, Paris Match, Wallpaper, Jamie Oliver, Bazaar...I read them all!

It won’t be a surprise either if I tell you that a perfect afternoon for me is one where I can lay on a couch and go through those glossy papers.

Living without magazines? I can’t even imagine.

Normally, the first thing I do is go to the end and read the last page and then move backwards to the front. I know, it’s a weird habit of mine ! Once I finish the entire magazine, I cut the images in small pieces and use them to do my collages.

Here is my top 5: 

  1. Flow. A magazine that celebrates creativity, imperfections and life’s little pleasures. Their website makes me smile. You have never seen a magazine like this one!

  2. Maison Côté Sud  is a French interior design and decoration magazine. It brings you the moods of the South of France. Its beautifully photographed pictures will leave you inspired and hungry for more. You might even want to move ;) 

  3. Marie-Claire. Much more that beauty and fashion tips. They interview stars but also inform us about politics, careers and global issues. A must-read! It was first published in France but is now available in many languages. I always buy the French edition and I pretend, for a few minutes, that I am Parisian. 

  4. The Oprah Magazine. I have been a fan from the start: 16 years ago ! I don’t miss a month. I don’t exaggerate when I say that I wouldn’t be the same woman without Oprah’s influence and advice on life.

  5. Psychology Today. Because a girl cannot read only about fashion ;) One must also learn about how we behave, why we behave in such a way and how we can behave better. I am always hungry for ways of seeing life in different angles and how I can become a better person by knowing more about myself and others.