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Online shopping tips from a personal stylist

07/02/2017 Julie Bouchard

Not down to hit the mall in this cold weather? I completely understand! What’s better than shopping from the comfort of your own living room, anyway? Make the most of your next online shopping “trip” with these five tips:

  1. Know the return policy

    It seems simple enough, but every company's return policy varies and knowing them should be a priority. Shopping online has a lot of advantages, but the experience is very different than in-store and you don’t have the option to try things on before purchasing. Make sure you know the return policy before making your purchase.

  2. Know your shipping options

    Different e-commerce websites offer various shipping and delivery options. But between national holidays and regular shipping interferences, there can be delivery delays. If you’re ordering an item on a deadline or for a special event, be sure to inform yourself of delivery delays to ensure you get your order on time.

  3. Join their newsletter

    Is there a website you love? Join their newsletter! It’s the best way to stay in the know on their latest promotions. You can get discount codes, free shipping and the latest sale announcements delivered straight to your inbox.

  4. Consult their size chart

    Sizes vary immensely between different brands and styles. To avoid any surprises once you receive your online order, always be sure to consult the size chart available online. Compare the measurements available online with a similar item you may have in your closet. Also, be sure to read the full description of the item including materials and care instructions.

  5. Shop on your laptop

    When I shop online, I’ll usually make a selection of items I want on my smartphone, and later buy the items off of my laptop. When you buy items straight from your smartphone, images appear smaller and you may even be missing important information available in the description. Make sure you have all the information you need by making your purchases straight from your computer.