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Osheaga day 3 outfit idea

25/07/2016 Julie Bouchard

Now that you’ve spent two fabulous days at Osheaga, it’s time to get dressed for your third and final day!

Since you probably don’t have the same go-getter spirit as you did on Friday come Sunday, I have a look to suggest that is perfect for a more difficult morning:

Outfit idea for osheaga

First, considering Osheaga starts early and you probably partied the last two nights, don’t underestimate how important a pair of oversized sunglasses can be. I think these sunglasses by Bon Look are perfect to help hide your tired state.

The “pièce de résistance” which I can’t live without especially on a hot summer day, is a t-shirt dress! I love this one by Bodybag by Jude in light blue, complete with fun gold back detailing. This dress is perfect for the occasion because it requires minimal accessories.

I suggest you wear it with a a pair of comfortable shoes like a pair of white converse which you can find just about anywhere, including at The Bay. Though, you’ll need a really great recipe to clean them afterwards!

Now, all you need to complete this casual Sunday look are a few accessories: This palm tree necklace by Boa Bijoux, a set of gold rings, and a hat.

Goodluck at work on Monday and of course, have fun!