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Outfit ideas for your favourite autumn activities

13/10/2016 Jennifer Braun

Summer has officially left the building! Though It was hard to say goodbye, fortunately autumn is full of its own perks and wonders. So take advantage of the cool weather to sip on those pumpkin spice lattes, all while enjoying some classic fall activities with friends and family.

Whether you’re forcing your boyfriend to go apple picking this season or looking forward to drinking beer while watching a Bleu Jay’s game (WE MADE THE PLAYOFFS), do it in style. Here are some outfit ideas for all those autumn occasions:

Apple picking

No matter how old you are, apple picking is always an activity you can look forward to doing during the fall. Be prepared to get moving and wear a pair of yoga jeans that are designed with a unique diagonal stretch to allow for maximum comfort and fluidity. Wear them with this long sleeve hoodie in a fun burgundy and a classic denim jacket that you can wear on, or take off depending on the weather. Finish off your outfit with a standout accessory like this layered necklace that you can wear multiple ways for maximum comfort.

Sports Sunday

I don’t exactly keep up with sports, but there’s something so fun about spending a Sunday at the ball game or catching Sunday football. Whatever your favourite Sunday sport is, show up to the game in style and comfort. Wear this lamb wool knit sweater with your favourite pair of denim for a casual, yet put-together look. Complete your look with a much needed pair of sunglasses and a cool pair of statement earrings, and you’re ready to enjoy the game.