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Outfit ideas: Monochromatic

25/08/2016 Jennifer Braun

If there’s one look that celebrities and fashion stars keep getting right, over and over again, it’s monochromatic outfits.

The fashion term - monochromatic – stands for wearing an outfit consisting of separates that are all the same colour. The Kardashian’s seem to wear this look every other week, especially Kim and younger sister Kylie.

Fortunately, mastering this look yourself is also simple. The trick is to wear items that are the same colour, but that have different textures and shades for an overall tonal look.

Here are some outfit ideas to help you strut into fall with a high-fashion monochromatic look:

Black on black

Black on black is the easiest monochromatic look to master. Combine a long asymmetrical tunic in a lightweight fabric with a pair of black high-waist leggings. Finish off the look, with some stand out accessories in other various materials like this leather necklace and this black wrap bracelet with gold hardware. Now you look like a fashion star too.

Grey on grey

Another monochromatic look that celebrities have mastered consists of grey on grey. To get this look, combine these charcoal grey pants with a loose fitted and light grey cardigan to create a colour contrast. Complete your outfit with matching accessories like this silk ribbon bracelet in grey and these stainless steel Chandelier earrings.