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See Yoga Jeans’s star-studded video about women

02/04/2017 Jennifer Braun

Following a year that almost saw the first female U.S. president, Canadian denim brand Yoga Jeans along with CriMo Media are keeping up the momentum and putting women in the spotlight with the launch of a new short film.

Baptized Straight Talk Curves Ahead, the initiative is dedicated to giving women a platform to share where they are right now and where they want to be in the future.

Expected to launch this week, the short film will be released in 10 instalments and will feature 9 celebrity women and one man of various ages and backgrounds from the likes of Canadian fashion blogger Lolitta Dandoy, Canadian TV and radio personality Sonia Benezra, as well as our fearless leader Isabelle Racicot, and more. Along with being featured in their own portrait, the women were also asked to share their stories and explain what being a woman means to them. What’s more, the short film is lead by yoga master David Sye, offering a unique male perspective to the initiative.

The non-advertising campaign came about when Crila and Momo from CriMo Media were introduced to Yoga Jeans co-founder Eric Wazana. Crila and Momo were originally going to do a video about love, but were then inspired to put the focus on women.

For Yoga Jeans, it was a perfect fit.

“At Yoga Jeans we’re all about making women feel confident, beautiful and sexy no matter who they are, what age they are or what’s their body shape,” Eric explains.

“I was already a huge fan of Yoga Jeans,” Crila adds. “We thought we have to make a movie about women right now because Yoga Jeans are all about female empowerment.”

In a teaser video launched March 8 (International Women’s Day), the women share what’s the hardest part about being a women and other inspiring messages, along with a dash of humour.

Watch the empowering Straight Talk Curves Ahead teaser video below and stay tuned for the full short film.