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Sexy and practical for day 1 of Osheaga

21/07/2016 Julie Bouchard

Summer is here! It’s time for swimming, terraces, vacation and enjoying the beautiful city of Montreal. But for me, summer also signifies festival season! I am a huge music fan. I go see shows weekly. So when I can catch a show outside surrounded by thousands of other fans - I’m in paradise.

I love festivals for the ambiance, but also for the street style I get to see. I love street style and it influences my own daily looks. I’m always the first to look at festival photos online after Coachella, the legendary music festival, takes place.

Closer to home, Osheaga will soon take place at the île St-Hélène in Montreal. From July 29 to the 31, the parc Jean Drapeau will welcome music groups and fans from all over the world. As usual, I expect the crowd will be extremely well dressed.

A couple of weeks ago at Rockfest, I learned the hard way that a bodysuit and an overall combo is cute, but not very practical for a music festival. Especially if you plan on drinking a lot…. of water.

That’s why below you can find an outfit idea that I’m suggesting which is both cute and practical for Osheaga.

Outift idea for osheaga

First off, I have adopted backpacks over handbags in the last couple of weeks. It’s very practical if you have a kid and a great option for a festival because you can fill it and not feel the weight. It’s important to bring only essentials so you’re not bothering others with an oversized bag at the festival. This Matt & Nat bag is perfect because of its size and look. Fill it with your sunscreen, water, snacks and more.

An appropriate outfit choice for this event could be a dress, because it will be hot and it’s less of a hassle. Try a long and flowy dress like this black dress by Everyday Sunday. You’ll be partying in style and it will still keep you warm when the sun goes down.

Your dress will no doubt get dirty, but you can easily accessorize it with a denim jacket. I love this denim jacket from Topshop and it can easily fit in your bag.

Since this black dress is fairly simple accessorize it with jewelry like this necklace from Boa Bijoux and these earrings from Well Dunn. Add some colour to your dress with this matching Well Dunn bracelet and boa bijoux bracelet.

Finish off your look with this hat and your look is complete. You’re ready for day one of Osheaga! Find more looks for day two and three, soon.