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Tanja is crazy about collages! 5 lessons learned through collages

10/03/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

I am crazy about lists but I am also crazy about collages and the power of art. I have talked about it here.

Two years ago, following a back injury, I was stuck at home for three months. To make me feel better, I had the idea of creating giant collages.

I had always made small collages in my diary and also bigger collages (to put up on my bedroom door for things that I wanted to bring into my life through visualization) but this time, the intense pain ordered giant collages.

I asked my husband to buy me big canvases and for days and days, I was cutting out images from magazines. Images that made me feel good and happy.

I started with a pink collage. I needed light and positive energy. Then, I continued with favourite themes: the sun / food / children / perfumes / abstract art / prints, etc.

(First collage of the series)

At times, while I was cutting, I almost forgot about the pain.  I had created 9 pieces of art in a few months.

Unfortunately, once I went back to work. It became harder to find time to create. (My back aches are still there but I tolerate them better even if it is very difficult. )

I continued imagining the collages on the walls of future clients.

And then...

Two months ago, a good friend suggested I visit an art gallery where I had the chance to meet MJ Laberge.

She gave me the chance of exposing at her gallery for one year! The night of the showing, my heart filled up with a thousand stars when I sold my first piece of art.

Through this whole ordeal, backaches included, I have assimilated five important life lessons:

  1. Dreams come true when you believe in them long enough. Visualization worked for me even I waited years with patience. I had dreamed about selling art for 20 years.

  2. Follow your passions. No matter how strange or unique they might be:

    If you don’t know what they are, finish these sentences to help you find them:

    I am the happiest when…

    I don’t see time fly when…

  3. Follow them even if the road is long, sometimes painful and full of detours.

    Mine is still full of detours since my health is still not back but I know it will be one day, soon I hope.

  4. The best things sometimes happen when you least expect them. Think of the best moments in your life, how often were they spontaneous or last minute decisions that ended up creating a magical and memorable event? 

  5. Share your dreams with others. They are essential to our victories. Nothing great is done alone. If my friend had not known to which extent this dream was important to me, she would not have sent me to the gallery. Thank you so much. You know who you are.

Next visualization:

An interior and exterior studio in a hot country (palm trees are obligatory!) and make art with my sons.