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Tanja is crazy about lists: 5 awesome apps for kids!

31/03/2016 Tanja Vaillancourt

Do you have 5 minutes?

You should try these 5 apps that children and teens love to use at school and that will also delight you !

In class, we use them to summarize, re-explain, present, create… At home, you can use them for the same reasons but also to laugh a little hearing your voice and for the pleasure of sending fun videos to family and friends.

The videos can be used to send birthday wishes, invitations to a party, a love message, instructions, a message to all, etc.

They are all FREE and can be shared.

Happy video making!

  1. Tellagami.

    You will have to choose a character, a background, an emotion, and then tape a message.

  2. Chatterpix Kids

    You must choose a picture, draw a mouth (that will open to speak!), record a message, decorate the video and show it to your friends.

  3. Show me

    You will write on a white board, add pictures and record a voice over. Perfect for instructions. Teachers use it to explain lessons that students can have access to.

  4. Puppet Edu

    Choose pictures from the web or from your library, put them in the order of your preference and tape a message to go along with the pictures. My favourite one!

  5. Replay

    The name of the app says it all: replay your beautiful moments. Select your favourite pictures and videos and create professional looking videos in no time. If I can use it, it means it’s quite easy to understand. It was voted “Best App” in 2014.